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Beth Tucker Long

Elizabeth Tucker Long is the Editor-In-Chief of php[architect] magazine as well as a trainer and occasional guest blogger for php[architect]. She also runs Treeline Design -, a web development company, and Playlist Event Music -, a DJ company, along with her husband, Chris, and son, Liam.

Articles by this author

Possible vulnerabilities found in PHP session IDs

by · April 9, 2010


A new advisory warns that a lack of entropy is making session hijacking easier, but only under certain circumstances. Core developer Ilia Alshanetsky gives us the straight dope.


New version of MongoDB

by · March 30, 2010


Version 1.4.0 has been released to production, bringing with it new security features and many other enhancements to MongoDB.


It's Drizzling in the Clouds

by · March 15, 2010


Drizzle is poised to be the database of choice for the future of cloud computing.


Solar 1.0.0 Stable Released

by · March 12, 2010


Solar 1.0.0 Stable was released on Monday, and even Slashdot has noticed.


Query profiling

by ·


Open PHP MyProfiler could be the answer for your MySQL profiling needs.


5 PHP frameworks you should check out

by · March 1, 2010


Everyone is using frameworks these days, but which one is right for you?


New version of MySQL Server released

by · February 28, 2010


MySQL Server 5.5.2-m2, a new version of the popular Open Source Database Management System, has been released.


PHP 5.2.13 released

by · February 26, 2010


PHP 5.2.13 has been released, bringing to life over 40 bug fixes, including three security updates.


Symfony 2 benchmarks: more than meets the eye?

by · February 22, 2010


Symfony 2 benchmarks released on his site show that Symfony 2 is faster than many of the common PHP frameworks out there, but Solar developer Paul Jones has had trouble confirming his findings.


Microsoft schedules upcoming SQL Server service packs

by · February 15, 2010


Despite Microsoft SQL Server 2008 having been out for some time, Microsoft is still planning on providing extended support—through 2011—to the 2005 edition of its flagship DBMS.