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Jordi Roura

Articles by this author

Simplicity made complicated: character encoding

by · June 24, 2010


What could be simpler than a string? And yet strings tend to get tied up and knotted, and give us a hell of a time… specially when in a hurry. They may seem sleek, clean and simple, but ugly hairy beasts hide in the shadows…


PHP tours Europe in fall

by · June 8, 2010


A good way to measure the health of any given thing is to measure its activity (except bridges… I tend to get nervous when bridges start moving on their own). In this sense, PHP is very much alive and the community is showing it off with two fantastic events this fall that will light up Europe in a frenzy knowledge exchange and PHP-related festivities!


5 tips for finding talent

by · April 5, 2010


So you need a new developer in your team… Fed up of unworthy candidates turning up to the interviews? Tired of not knowing which other stones to turn? Finding your ideal player might sometimes feel like an impossible task, but here are some tips that will bring your search to a happier end.