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php|architect — October 2010

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Neural Networks in PHP

Neural networks have always had too steep a learning curve to venture towards, especially in a web environment. Now, there is Neural Mesh; an open source, purely PHP, Neural Network manager and framework. This article will explain how to easily implement Neural Mesh and the concepts of neural networks. –by Louis Stowasser

Greasing Development with GitHub

Git has been becoming increasingly popular as a version control system in all arenas of development, but its power is enhanced by a “social” Git service like GitHub. This article uses phpBB development as a case study of GitHub. –by Josh Woody

OAuth Made Easy

OAuth is well on its way to becoming the standard authorization protocol for online APIs, but using it can often still feel like harder work than it needs to be. This article looks at creating a simple class that makes working with OAuth and PHP a piece of cake. –by Adam Phillips

Refactoring in the Real World

We all talk about how to best structure our projects and how to write ‘clean code’, but how do we clean it up? How do we find problems in a large, legacy codebase and clean them up responsibly? –by D. Keith Casey, Jr.
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Docs You Can Use

I’ve talked with so many PHP programmers who have taught themselves PHP using a book, code samples, and by talking to others on forums. Coming from other languages, they are used to documentation that is scattered, confusing, and only written for people who already know how to do everything. I’m here to tell you that PHP is different! The documentation is very readable, organized, searchable and useful, and here is a quick overview to help you get the most out of it. –by Elizabeth Tucker Long

Drupal Corner: Creating Integrated Modules for Drupal – Part 4

In the fourth and final column in our tutorial on creating integrated modules for Drupal, we will add Panels integration to complete our Views component developed in the last column. We will create a Panels context so that we can pass a path into our previously defined view to filter the results based upon the page we are currently on or a specified path in the system. This module facilitates a path visibility system that was introduced in the July column. –by Adrian Webb

Security Corner: Secure Transport

Just add an “S” after that “HTTP”, and you’re all set, right? –by Arne Blankerts

exit(0): The Importance of Being Earnest

How should technology evolve? Quickly and with great detachment. –by Marco Tabini

Editorial: Independence Goes Stale

Don’t let your projects become stale. Keep pushing yourself to try new things. –by Elizabeth Tucker Long


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[…] cleaning up and refactoring and trimmed ~33% of the overall code. I cover some of that here – We’re not done, but making steady […]

[…] cleaning up and refactoring and trimmed ~33% of the overall code. I cover some of that here – We’re not done, but making steady […]

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