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How do you stay current with the latest programming advice, security practices, and developments in the PHP Community? There’s no shortage of blogs, forums, and Q&A sites online, just one search away. But how do you know if the information is accurate and trustworthy? Don’t waste your time chasing down a solution originally written for PHP 5.3, reading blog posts still using mysql_query(), or written by some random stranger.

You have better things to do and php[architect] magazine helps you manage your time effectively.

Curated Content and Good Advice

Each month, we put together articles from experts active in the PHP community focusing on a topic PHP developers face every day. We’ve had articles by project leads, product developers, authors, user group organizers, and conference speakers from around the world. Each article is reviews for technical accuracy and polished for clarity.

Our monthly columnists also contribute their own specific focus:

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