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Chris Holland leads a small Software Engineering Team at an HR company. Throughout a career spanning more than 20 years, Chris has held Sr. Engineering and Leadership roles for small and large successful publicly-traded companies such as EarthLink and Internet Brands, serving business models across Content, Commerce, Travel, and Finance on a wide variety of technology stacks including PHP/LAMP, Java/J2EE and C#/.Net, catering to audiences over 100 million monthly visitors.

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DDoS Attacks: Threat Landscape and Defensive Countermeasures

By Chris Holland

Imagine an army of 100,000 robots, each hitting reload on your home page, several hundred times per second. How quickly would your site or application die? Having had to field such attacks in a past life, I found surviving them to be extremely difficult. My odds improved over time from better understanding them and preparing adequately.

Published in Coding Without Fear, October 2019

The Case for Generics in PHP

By Chris Holland

Having worked with generics in other languages, I was very grateful and thrilled to come across this RFC, as I could immediately see the tremendous benefits this would bring to the PHP ecosystem. Let’s look at how they might fit within the evolution of PHP’s type system to put us in a position to write more robust software.

Published in Generics and Project Success – November 2018, November 2018 —Available for Free