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At php[architect], we run a number of conferences each year about PHP and web development. These cover the breadth of topics that are of interest to programmers, technical managers, database administrators, IT professionals and more, who deal with creating cutting-edge websites and mobile experiences.

Our current conferences are:


basicThis event has occurred annually since 2006 and has been held in Orlando, Chicago, and St. Louis.  In 2017 we moved it to its current home, Atlanta. We like to think of php[tek] as a professional PHP conference with a community flair. You will find a high-quality presentations by the brightest experts in the PHP world, coupled with a welcoming and friendly community of attendees and speakers. Speakers, organizers, sponsors and attendees mingle and learn from each other as much in the “hallway track”, as in the sessions themselves.

To learn more about php[tek], visit:


LogoFilledNoYearBlueSmA conference introduced in 2014, it’s goal is to bring together the entire world of PHP into one location together.  Whether you are a core PHP developer, a framework developer working on Laravel, Symfony or Zend Framework, or perhaps an application developer using WordPress or Drupal.  The idea is to bring everyone together to learn from each other and make the greater PHP community stronger for it.

To learn more about php[world], visit: