The php[architect] series of books cover topics crossing all aspects of modern web development. We offer our books in both print and digital formats. Books sold digitally here are available to you DRM-free in PDF, ePub, or Mobi formats for viewing on any device that supports these.

The Complementary PHP Testing Tools Cookbook

Learn how a Grumpy Programmer approaches improving his own codebase, including all of the tools used and why.

PHP Web Development with MySQL

A Hands On Approach to Application Programming

Beyond Laravel

An Entrepreneur's Guide to Building Effective Software

PHP Development with Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)

Setup a Productive Development Environment

WordPress Development in Depth

Learn how to build a custom, secure, multilingual website with WordPress

The Grumpy Programmer’s Guide To Testing PHP Applications

Learn how a Grumpy Programmer approaches testing PHP applications

The Fizz Buzz Fix

Secrets to Thinking Like an Experienced Software Developer

The Dev Lead Trenches

Lessons for Managing Developers

Web Scraping with PHP, 2nd Edition

Learn how to automate the Web with PHP.

Security Principles for PHP Applications

Protect your applications against the vulnerabilities exploited by attackers.

Docker for Developers, 2nd edition

Ready to simplify your workflow with Docker containers? Don't know where or how to get started?

What’s Next? Professional Development Advice

What other skills do you need for professional development as a PHP programmer?

Functional Programming in PHP, 2nd Edition

Write Concise, Maintainable, and Easier-to-test Code

Web Security 2016

Are you keeping up with modern security practices?

Integrating Web Services with OAuth and PHP

Integrate your application with 3rd party services.

Zend Framework 1 to 2 Migration Guide

Modernize your legacy Zend Framework applications.

XML Parsing with PHP

Parse XML data with ease.

Zend PHP 5 Certification Study Guide, Third Edition

Need to prepare for the Zend PHP 5 Certification?

Mastering the SPL Library

Don't reinvent the wheel!

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