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Data Discipline

August 2020

Yes, on the Internet, everything is a string. However, that doesn’t mean we can ignore the structure and intended uses of the data that our applications work with. This issue focuses on how to ensure your data works with you and not against you. Review how to store it in a database, impose order to your JSON data with JSON-Schema, query it with SQL, choose an appropriate PHP type for your variables, and more.

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The Grumpy Programmer’s Guide To Testing PHP Applications

Learn how a Grumpy Programmer approaches testing PHP applications

The Fizz Buzz Fix

Secrets to Thinking Like an Experienced Software Developer

The Dev Lead Trenches

Lessons for Managing Developers


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Interview with Edward Barnard

Episode 36 - July 24, 2020


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The Workshop: GitHub Actions for Continuous Integration

July 15, 2020

By Joe Ferguson Continuous Integration (CI), or the ongoing process of integrating changes in a shared version control repository, should be a goal of every project you work on. This month, we’re going to dive into configuring GitHub Actions to build and test our PHP application. Then we’ll look at a larger scale API, which […]

There Are No Snow Days When You Work Remote

March 16, 2020

By Jennifer Wadella Do you think you have what it takes to work remote? Better yet, does your company or the place you’re interviewing with have what it takes to support remote workers? Consider this your guide to deciding if you’re in the right place to start working remote, and if you are—how to survive […]

Education Station: Unit Testing Basics

February 6, 2020

By Chris Tankersley Recently, we’ve discussed principles for writing clean code in your php applications. Testing is a valuable technique to help you produce and maintain a codebase, but it can be daunting to learn. In this article, we’ll start with unit testing. Let’s look at how tests help during the design phase and in […]

Escaping An Abandoned Framework

December 20, 2019

I’m the lead developer on one of these anxious-to-get-out-of-Zend teams, I have worked on two other teams, and I sit close enough to the fourth team that I can hear them mutter about various issues that trip them up. On each of these projects, I’ve seen triumphs and tragedies. In this article, I want to share what I’ve learned about struggling to get out of an abandoned framework.

New Venue and Calling all Speakers for php[tek] 2020

November 22, 2019

We want to hear from you! Our Call for Speakers is open through January 4th. This year we are focused on three dedicated tracks: Tech Leadership, PHP Development, and Web Technology.

Announcing the 2019 Impact Awards Winners

November 14, 2019

At php[world] in October, Oscar Merida announced the winners of this years Impact Awards. We’re bringing back the annual awards to help recognize valuable contributors to the PHP community. Winners were tallied after two rounds of voting by php[architect] magazine authors.

The Workshop: What’s New in PHP 7.4

November 13, 2019

PHP 7.4 brings typed properties, arrow functions, coalesce assignment operators, and more. Read this article to learn about the new feature of this release.

Building Your First WordPress Plugin

November 12, 2019
Building Your First WordPress Plugin

By David Wolfpaw For many, working on a WordPress theme or plugin is there first foray into PHP development. When doing so, there are many ways to do things, but in the long run, you’re better off following WordPress’s conventions and idioms. In this article, we’ll go through how to structure and write a plugin […]