Exporting Drupal Nodes with PHP and Drush


by · October 5, 2015


With Drupal, it’s possible to build very intricate solutions by gluing the right combination of contrib modules together. Of course, there is a downside to relying only on contrib modules, particularly for one-off or highly custom tasks. Bringing in a contrib module means you assume responsibility for feeding and caring for it. If it’s a […]


October 2015 Issue: Integrating Extensions


by · October 1, 2015


The October 2015 issue of php[architect] magazine is now available. This month we look at useful PHP extensions. This issue shows you how to use Solr search directly from PHP and put it to good use, explains how PHAR files work to bundle PHP applications in a single file, and provides a case study in […]


PHP is Worldwide


by · September 15, 2015


We often talk in the PHP community about the international nature of the community.  (At times we here at php[architect] even talk about the “World of PHP” when referring to our conference php[world], though then we are actually speaking about the community nature, not geography). But have you ever really stopped to imagine or visualize […]


September 2015 Issue: Security Boot Camp


by · September 1, 2015


We’ve just released the September 2015 issue of php[architect] magazine today. Our focus this month is all things security. In this issue, we have an overview of the various techniques that malicious users can use to attack your application, a deep dive into how passwords can be stored securely and how PHP’s built in password […]


Just 3 months until php[world] 2015


by · August 21, 2015


This year’s php[world] conference is shaping up to be one of our biggest and best conference experiences.  With experts from all the various communities within the PHP ecosphere it’s going to be a great time. Make sure that you don’t forget to get your ticket soon!  Being 3 months out it’s the best time to […]


August 2015 Issue of php[architect] : Data Manipulation


by · August 3, 2015


We’ve released our August 2015 edition of php[architect] magazine today and it’s all about Data Manipulation. Today, the containers that can store data for us are more varied and specialized. They include search indexes, NoSQL databases, and traditional relational databases. At its core, our day-to-day work is mostly unchanged: we take data from one system, […]


Swat Summer Bugs with Day Camp 4 Developers


by · July 13, 2015


I’m pleased to announce php[architect] is partnering with Day Camp 4 Developers to bring you “Debugging Beyond var_dump(),” a day-long series of talks from expert PHP devs on advanced debugging techniques and tools. PHP has been improving rapidly over the past few years, and the strategies and tools for debugging have improved with it. But […]


php[architect] for July 2015 : Road Trip


by · July 1, 2015


If we learned anything from Chevy Chase movies, its that nothing beats a good, old fashioned family road trip for seeing new sights, bonding with those closest to you, and stock piling stories and anecdotes to recount later. Join us this month in the latest edition of php[architect] magazine as we take our own virtual […]


Announcing php[cruise]… (Save the Date)


by · June 30, 2015


Well we’ve already actually announced it at php[tek] 2015, but it’s time to start sharing some information about it. Yes, we are going to revive php[cruise], and once again host a conference-cruise for the PHP community.  This 7 day cruise will take place from July 17-23, 2016 and leave from the port of Baltimore. We […]


Congratulations to our 100,000th order winner!


by · June 29, 2015


Over the past weekend we hit our 100,000th order.  As we celebrate this milestone, please join us in congratulating Gabriel Santos (@gmsantos__), the lucky winner of Archie, our own elePHPant.  Thanks to everyone for supporting php[architect]!