2019 Impact Award Nominees

September 18, 2019


To celebrate of “25 Years of PHP” at php[world], we’re bring back the php[architect] Impact Awards to recognize the projects, tools, services, and people which have made a significant contribution to PHP development and the community in general.

The Workshop: Introduction to PDF Generation

September 12, 2019


Despite the promise of a “paperless” office, we still need to create documents that print and render nearly-identically across devices and operating systems. PDFs have filled this niche nicely for end-users, but if you need to generate PDFs with PHP programmatically, the options are overwhelming. How do you choose? In this series, we’ll investigate the solutions at our disposal and the pros and cons of each.

Master of Puppets

September 3, 2019

digital hand manipulating a marionette

Keeping a web application humming and growing is no easy feat. The variety of problems you must be familiar with seems only to keep growing. Automating some tasks can help you cope with an expanding workload. Read this issue to learn how to control your browser with Puphpeteer, automate your load testing, and more.

Symfony 4, Legacy Code, the Future of PHP, and Karl Hughes

August 26, 2019


Eric, John, and Oscar discuss Symfony 4, legacy code, and interview Karl Hughes about what it takes to run a user group.

Defensive Coding Crash Course

August 16, 2019

Defensive Coding Crash Course by Mark Niebergall

By Mark Niebergall Ensuring software reliability, resiliency, and recoverability is best achieved by practicing effective defensive coding. Take a crash course in defensive coding with PHP as we cover attack surfaces, input validation, canonicalization, secure type checking, external library vetting, cryptographic agility, exception management, automatic code analysis, peer code reviews, and automated testing. Learn some […]