Machine Learning and OpenAPI

April 9, 2020


PHP was built for HTTP and its stateless request-response cycle. But that doesn’t mean it’s only suitable for the web. In this issue, we dive into working with requests, using OpenAPI to document and build an API, and explore how you can already use machine learning algorithms today with PHP.

Magento’s Evolution, Ecommerce, Development Environments, and Enterprise Software.

March 26, 2020


In Episode 30 In this episode, we dive into How Magento is Evolving and chat with Magento evangelist Ben Marks. Topics The free magazine issue courtesy of Adobe and Magento. An interview with Ben Marks on how Magento went from an open-source project to its acquisition, the value of the community and ecosystem, how Magento […]

There Are No Snow Days When You Work Remote

March 16, 2020


By Jennifer Wadella Do you think you have what it takes to work remote? Better yet, does your company or the place you’re interviewing with have what it takes to support remote workers? Consider this your guide to deciding if you’re in the right place to start working remote, and if you are—how to survive […]

How Magento is Evolving

March 5, 2020


It’s another free issue (through April 1, 2020) courtesy of Adobe and Magento! In these pages, we look at how Magento 2.0 is evolving to meet the changing needs and expectations for ecommerce. On the PHP side of things, we look at hosting, development environments, and more. To claim this issue, click Buy Issue to […]

Jennifer Schrader on Pair Programming, Coding Interviews

February 19, 2020


In Episode 29 In the February episode, we dive into the issue Cultivating the Developer Experience and interview Jennifer Schrader. Topics Benefits of structuring code reviews. The value of integration and functional tests. Content management systems in PHP Sulu CMS and its focus on Developer Experience (DX) Jennifer talks about her experiences trying out pair […]