Jennifer Schrader on Pair Programming, Coding Interviews

February 19, 2020


In Episode 29 In the February episode, we dive into the issue Cultivating the Developer Experience and interview Jennifer Schrader. Topics Benefits of structuring code reviews. The value of integration and functional tests. Content management systems in PHP Sulu CMS and its focus on Developer Experience (DX) Jennifer talks about her experiences trying out pair […]

Education Station: Unit Testing Basics

February 6, 2020


By Chris Tankersley Recently, we’ve discussed principles for writing clean code in your php applications. Testing is a valuable technique to help you produce and maintain a codebase, but it can be daunting to learn. In this article, we’ll start with unit testing. Let’s look at how tests help during the design phase and in […]

Cultivating the Developer Experience

February 4, 2020


In the February 2020 issue, let’s focus on elevating the developer experience: efficient code reviews, trying out pair programming, and leveraging Open Source. On the technical side of things, we look at integration testing, TLS security, and GitHub actions.

Arrays in PHP, Web Browsers, Security Habits, and Matthew Turland

January 28, 2020

php[podcast] Episode 28

In Episode 28 In this episode for January 2020, we take a look at this month’s issue “New Habits.” This month we’re joined by php[architect] book and magazine author Matthew Turland. Topics Using (or not) PHP arrays to write cleaner code. Learning how browsers render HTML+CSS Talking about writing object-oriented code with Matthew Turland, updating […]

New Habits

January 3, 2020


Before you go charging after the hip, new tech thing, invest your time in brushing up on some PHP fundamentals. In this issue, we examine object-oriented programming patterns, using PHP arrays judiciously, unit testing, security in 2020, tending your mental health, and more.