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The Value of the AST

November 2022

The Value of the AST

November is upon us, and in the United States, it’s the month we celebrate Thanksgiving. I want to take this time to thank each and every one of you who reads our magazine. Producing each issue takes more time than I ever knew, and we have had our share of ups and downs over the past year.

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The State of PHP

October 2022

The State of PHP Cover

Making Code

September 2022

Making Code - September 2022 Issue
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Semantic Versioning

November 29, 2022

When new software comes out it has a version number like 8.2.0. If you’re confused about what that means you’re not alone. The software industry needed a standard way to describe software releases so we as consumers of the software could determine how big of a change it was and determine if we should upgrade. […]

Linked Lists With SplDoublyLinkedList

November 13, 2022

     As developers, we have times when we get to process a lot of data. Sometimes it’s a few kilobytes of data and we don’t need to worry about the performance of our algorithms because computers are so fast. When we’re looking at gigabytes or more of data we need to be aware […]

The PHP DateTime Class

October 23, 2022

As a developer, you're going to run into situations where you need to perform some kind of operation on a date or time. You might need to see how far apart two dates are, add several days to the date, or convert a string sent to us by an end user into something we can […]

What’s Changed in PHP 8.2

October 12, 2022

PHP 8.2 will be released on November 24, 2022, and at the top level, there's nothing that's going to blow your socks off, but this is a good thing. PHP is at a point where it's stabilizing, so we shouldn't expect huge changes all the time, especially because it's a minor release. There are some […]

October 2022 Editorial: One Year Later

October 11, 2022
The State of PHP Cover

In an industry where you must keep learning, improving your skill set, and adjusting to new concepts and implementations, taking on new challenges that you are initially uncomfortable with is normal. Because of this, when John and I were presented with the option of taking over the operations of php[architect], we didn’t hesitate to jump […]

Writing Cleaner More Resilient Code With Value Objects

September 25, 2022

As developers, we should always be striving to learn new methods to reduce the number of bugs in our code. Some methods require us to completely re-architect our code, but sometimes there are those hidden gems that we can quickly add to our code base that will immediately help us and require just a little […]

Deploying Our Code With Deployer 7 0

September 3, 2022

 As a developer, you probably love to create new features in your applications to help your users solve their problems. Eventually, you have to get that code to a server so it can be used. If you’re like me and are using a framework, that process can involve multiple steps. You might need to […]

Education Station: PHP is the Worst

September 15, 2021

By Chris Tankersley I have been programming for nearly twenty years at this point, and I have worked in various languages. At many of my previous jobs, as well as my current one, I have had the pleasure of working with PHP as the core language of my job. Since the first time I started […]