Episode 33: Machine Learning with Liam Wiltshire

May 28, 2020


In this interview, Eric and John talk to Liam Wiltshire about his Machine Learning articles (Part two here) in the April and May 2020 issues of the magazine. Topics Covered How he transitioned from music into building web sites. Speaking at PHP conferences. Using machine learning with PHP and why he wrote this series. Assessing […]

Headless Drupal, Replay Tokens, PHP 8, History and Computing, and more

May 21, 2020


In Episode 32 We’re switching our episode format this month. We’re splitting into two episodes: one a discussion of the developer topics from the latest issue and a separate episode will feature an interview with a contributor. In this episode, we talk about the articles in the May 2020 Issue, Unsupervised Learning. Topics Headless Drupal and […]

Unsupervised Learning

May 5, 2020


The cornerstone protocol for the global web is HTTP—a plain text, lightly structured thing. Despite its apparent simplicity, it does its one job exceedingly well. In the May issue, we dive into how HTTP to compose responses, look at how to protect API requests, read about decoupling website requests, wrap up our introduction to Machine […]

Machine Learning, OpenAPI, and the Business of PHP

April 21, 2020


In Episode 31 This month, we chat with Sherri Wheeler about the Business of PHP and other topics from the April 2020 magazine. Topics Getting started using machine learning with PHP. API design and how the OpenAPI can automate and improve your architecture. Writing command line scripts with Symfony’s Console components. PHP communities that don’t […]

Machine Learning and OpenAPI

April 9, 2020


PHP was built for HTTP and its stateless request-response cycle. But that doesn’t mean it’s only suitable for the web. In this issue, we dive into working with requests, using OpenAPI to document and build an API, and explore how you can already use machine learning algorithms today with PHP.