Harness the power of the Laravel ecosystem to bring your idea to life.

In this book, Michael Akopov shares his experiences creating software solutions that can not only survive but thrive. Read a Sample.

Since 2011, Laravel has revolutionized how PHP developers work by providing tools that just work, take care of routine tasks, and boost productivity. Concurrently, it’s fostered an ecosystem of packages, libraries, tools, companies, and solutions that tackle challenges common to web applications, share solutions, and collaborate around the world. This approach allows you to focus on what really matters to make your idea stand out without wasting time on already-solved problems.

An overview of this ecosystem has been sorely needed. I’m thrilled to see Michael provide a survey of the Laravel world so that developers can learn more about the variety of tools available to them.

– Taylor Otwell

This book covers:

  • What makes Laravel productive and how to get the most out of it.
  • The key technical subsystems Laravel provides a web app.
  • What to focus on and what to delegate to succeed as an entrepreneur.
  • Options for setting up development environments to build your application.
  • Services to look at to minimize DevOps tasks for running servers.
  • The pros and cons of serverless or dedicated hosting models.
  • Laravel packages to jumpstart front-end and back-end coding.
  • Components to use to augment what the framework provides.
  • Where to get news and support from the Laravel community.

Read a Sample

Written by Laravel and PHP professional Michael Akopov, this book provides a concise guide for taking your software from an idea to a business. If you’re looking to take a project to the next level, he’ll show you how to put it together without burning out.