Junior Grossi

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Senior Software Engineer with 15+ years of experience in PHP. A Brazilian currently living in Ireland with family. A stutterer conference speaker passionate about code quality, tests, legacy code, and remote work. Creator of Corcel PHP, elephpant.me, and former PHPMG organizer. Engineering Team Lead at Glofox.

twitter: @junior_grossi


CQRS And Event Sourcing—Software Architecture at a Higher Level, for Everyone!

By Junior Grossi

Implementing CQRS and Event Sourcing in your application may allow you to improve performance, user response time and make fixing bugs a more painless process. Although they are not new topics, they are useful when you need to split responsibility or track what’s happening with your data, not only your code. Let’s understand better how they work and how useful they can be for your application.

Published in Dealing with Data, February 2021

Getting Started With Php? Let’s Start the Right Way!

By Junior Grossi

Maybe you’re here because you’re just beginning with PHP, or maybe you worked with PHP some time ago and would like to catch up. Perhaps you’re used to your way of working with PHP and haven’t adopted the newest additions to the language. There are many changes and the language is still improving. Let’s go back a bit in its history.

Published in Generics and Project Success – November 2018, November 2018