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php|architect Podcast: Skyrockets in Flight

In this episode, which shall henceforth be known as the one where microphone gets a Dr. Pepper shower and someone’s cell phone deserves to die, Marco sits down at the Dallas stop of the Codeworks 09 with Elizabeth Naramore, Cal Evans and Microsoft’s Josh Holmes.

Notes from this week’s show:

  • First of all, apologies for the odd noises. We recorded this live at the Ameircan Airlines Training Centre while our CW09 reception was being set up. The centre is very close to the airport (hence the occasional airplane noise overhead) and someone’s cell phone was driving our microphone nuts.
  • News on the overturned cement truck. Derick has not posted the video yet, but it was a thoroughly scary experience—besides making us miss our flights.
  • Microsoft’s WebsiteSpark program. If you qualify for it (and most small consultants do) you should try it out.
  • PHP on Windows contest (coming soon with huge prizes)
  • ZendCond coupon for unconference + exhibit hall entry discount.

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Air date October 5, 2009
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