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php|architect May Issue – Micro-frameworks

Posted by on June 4, 2013

micro-frameworksCubeAnother month and another issue of php|architect magazine! This month’s issue is focused on micro-frameworks.  We have articles on how to write your own, as well as an introduction to Flight.

Also last month we experimented with returning to a vertical format and asked your opinions on it! Well we are happy to say that the feedback was enormously positive, and therefore we will be staying with the vertical format for the future.

So come check out the May 2013 issue of php|architect.

Eli has been a PHP coder since the day PHP 4 was released. He's worked for numerous companies in the past, such as, Zend Technologies, TripAdvisor, mojoLive, and Goodsie. Though found himself in love with the PHP community so deeply that he ended up here at php[architect], and loves what he does. Conferences, magazine, books, training - Teaching people the love for the language that he himself has.

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I’m really surprised at the micro framework article. Passing data from the controller to the view breaks the MVC pattern; maybe the author is thinking of a variation of MVC? Using singletons and static methods are generally discouraged. The whole approach seems way more complicated than it has to be, especially for a micro framework, for example the autoloader code doesn’t need to be anywhere near 70 lines long even with comments. There are code discrepancies such as $this->viewData VS $this->view…

I understand it’s not going to be perfect as it is more targeted towards beginners, but this is just ridiculous.

Eugene Merrill on
June 7th, 2013 at 1:43 am

I still cannot find the button on the website to download the current issue that I have paid for with a subscription. I have this problem every month. Why don’t you simple have an obvious way for subscribers to gain access to their purchases. This has to be the most frustrating site I currently interact with.

Hi Eugene–

We hear you. Redesigning the site has become a priority for us and we’re working on making that much more prominent as part of it.

For now, the Login/Register link is in the top left of the page and takes you to the page where you can download your current subscription.

We have several improvements in the works; this is just the first because we find it annoying, too.

Thanks for subscribing!

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