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php[architect] Magazine September 2013 – Tools of the Trade

Posted by on September 19, 2013

September’s issue of php[architect] focuses on the tools of the trade in development. Ranging from Symfony on the cloud to Mercurial to turbo-charging your logs and finishing with templating engines, we’ve got you covered.


  • Stefan Koopmanschap Shows us how to “Build Your Own WeTransfer-clone in the Cloud” using Symfony, Composer, MopaBootstrapBundle and the HPCloud library.
  • Jeremy Cook describes how to “Turbo Charge your Logs” with Monolog, RsysLog, Logstash and Graylog2.
  • From installation to utilization, David Stockton schools us on “Getting Started with Mercurial.”
  • Tim Lytle discusses what it means to be a contractor these days in “Adventures of a Contract Developer.”


  • Beth discusses the “Swiss Army Knife Conundrum.”
  • In this month’s Education Station, Matthew Setter dicusses templating in “Feature-Rich Templating Libraries – Make Your Front-end Development Simple and Efficient” touching on Mustache, Twig and (yes) Smarty, to name a few.
  • finally{}, Eli talks about the problem we’ve all run into in “I Just Need a Simple Website.”

Read the details in September 2013’s issue of php[architect]!


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