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October 2013 php[architect] Magazine Released

Posted by on October 16, 2013

The last of our digital-only magazines is now available.  Our October issue hopefully has just a few good scares in it for you!  Including topics such as:

  • Automating Resource Concatenation, Optimization, and Caching
  • Zend Server: Not Just a PHP Stack
  • PHP and Varnish: Getting the Best from Your Web Servers
  • Varnish and ESI (Edge Side Includes)
  • App Engine on PHP: An Introduction
  • Introduction of “The Confident Coder” column
  • … and wraps up with a finally{} on some “Scary Statistics”

Pick up your issue today, and dive in!

Eli has been a PHP coder since the day PHP 4 was released. He's worked for numerous companies in the past, such as, Zend Technologies, TripAdvisor, mojoLive, and Goodsie. Though found himself in love with the PHP community so deeply that he ended up here at php[architect], and loves what he does. Conferences, magazine, books, training - Teaching people the love for the language that he himself has.

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