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September 2014 php[architect] Magazine Released – Purchasing Power

Posted by on September 23, 2014

Our September issue is now available. Whether selling products, billing for services, or collecting donations, at some point you’ve probably needed to find a way to get money from person A to person B. This issue covers the latest developments and techniques for Magento, the popular PHP e-commerce platform.

  • David Manners and Tobias Zander cover what’s new in Magento 2 and highlight the changes in the development process while looking forward to new features.
  • Fabrizio Branca covers how to use Magento at enterprise scale by deploying it in a cloud architecture.
  • Pablo Godel gives us an overview of the current state of Symfony, the popular full-stack PHP framework.
  • Jason A. Lefkowitz introduces an easy new tool to quickly create development environments for WordPress using the power of Vagrant and Ansible. Read this article for free!
  • In his Confident Coder column, Aaron Saray shows that keeping reasons why you do something foremost can help from brushing your teeth to developing better code.
  • Matthew Setter’s Education Station shows you an easy way to do Instagram mashups with PHP-Instagram-API.
  • Dirk Merkel gives Laravel Tips in the first part of a two-part series on deploying Laravel, starting with the official Vagrant box, Homestead.

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Sandy has been developing websites in PHP for 14 years. Starting in government, he endured the Dot Com bubble before working with nonprofits for over a decade and managing a team of developers. Finding a love of mentoring developers, he worked at the career management startup mojoLive before co-founding and taking on php[architect]'s training services.

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