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February 2015 php[architect] Magazine Launched

Posted by on February 17, 2015

This month’s theme, “Other Shores”, explores other languages you may want to try. Tobias Nyholm introduces us to Hack, Julien Pauli talks about PHP Extensions, and Ricky Robinett talks “Swift for PHP Developers”.

Also inside

  • Dirk Merkel’s column Laravel Tips is about “MFA with Authy”
  • Matthew Setter’s Column Education Station goes over file access in “Access Any File —Anywhere—With the PHP League’s Flysystem”
  • David Stockton’s Column Leveling Up talks on the virtues of “Teaching and Mentoring”
  • Eli White’s finally{} talks about “Transformative Technology or Temporary Fad?”

Check out the full magazine details page for more details and to read a free sample article.

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