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May 2015 php[architect] Issue Launched

Posted by on May 1, 2015

“Hunting for Clues” is the theme title for this month’s issue. It focuses on automated testing and how it can help you hunt down bugs as they appear. In Michael Bodnarchuk’s Codeception: Testing for Human Beings he talks about integrating automated testing in your workflow. Xander Guzman discusses two testing and mocking libraries for PHP in Integrating Mockery and Hamcrest into a Project, and Brad Bonkoski discusses leveraging Docker for Reusable Containers for Automated Testing.

Also Inside

  • Julien Pauli Continues his PHP extensions series with PHP Extensions—Bundling an External Library where he discusses adding features to your extension by tapping into underlying C libraries, consuming their APIs.
  • Ramya Sethuraman talks about Facebook’s initiative to focus on accessibility when developing their products in Facebook Accessibility Toolkit.
  • In this month’s Education Station, Matthew Setter shows us how to manipulate images in Easy Image Manipulation with Glide.
  • David Stockton continues last month’s Leveling Up Phpspec theme, but talks about how to deal with more complex code in Phpspec, TDD, and Mock Objects.
  • Joe Devon updates us on his experiences with the National Association of Broadcasters show and Lone Star PHP in Community Corner: May 2015.
  • and finally{} Eli White gives a counterpoint to automated testing and when making the decision to implement automated testing may be wrong.

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