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PHP is Worldwide

Posted by on September 15, 2015

We often talk in the PHP community about the international nature of the community.  (At times we here at php[architect] even talk about the “World of PHP” when referring to our conference php[world], though then we are actually speaking about the community nature, not geography).

But have you ever really stopped to imagine or visualize what that community looks like?  While it would be hard to track down the entirety of the community (and in fact, that’s really hard to do).  We can at least try to help share a bit.  Below is a distribution map of the subscribers to php[architect] magazine.  Sometimes as we (especially in the US) are attending conferences, and thinking about the community, I think we neglect to truly grok how international it really is. While we have many subscribers in North America and Europe, we were glad to see readers from South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, India, and so many other countries also represented.

We also compared our map to to the list of PHP User Groups at and were struck by the similarity in our map points.

Want to help making PHP more worldwide? Don’t see your country, city, or town on the map? Subscribe to php[architect] if you don’t at the moment.  Or contact us to buy a gift subscription … We’ll even help you gift it out if you don’t know who you’d like to send it to.

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Eli has been a PHP coder since the day PHP 4 was released. He's worked for numerous companies in the past, such as, Zend Technologies, TripAdvisor, mojoLive, and Goodsie. Though found himself in love with the PHP community so deeply that he ended up here at php[architect], and loves what he does. Conferences, magazine, books, training - Teaching people the love for the language that he himself has.

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