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Matt Butcher

Matt Butcher is a software developer and author. He has written six books and dozens of articles. He is active in numerous Open Source PHP projects, including Drupal. He is the maintainer of QueryPath (, a jQuery-like library for PHP. Matt is a Senior Developer at, an York Times company. His personal blog can be found at

Articles by this author

Never Use $_GET Again

by · July 8, 2010


How many times have we heard about security issues in PHP applications stemming from unescaped GET and POST parameters? Proper escaping of input is a perennial problem with web development in general, and for whatever reason PHP seems to have had more than its fair share of bad publicity on this front.


The 2010 CMS Expo Roundup

by · May 10, 2010


CMS Expo, held annually, is a conference that brings together representatives from prominent Open Source CMS systems along with domain experts and even some proprietary tool vendors.