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Editorial Calendar Archive


Month Topic
January Be the Boss
Freelancing and striking out on your own.
February Other Shores
Explore other languages and tools that can help you solve problems.
March Database Migrations
Learn how to safely version and update Database schemas.
April Front-end polish
First impressions matter, make sure your application shines.
May Testing Central
Testing is key to making your application and deployments robust.
June APIs
A good API for mobile applications and integration is key. Learn how to design one your users will love.
July Mobile Frontier
Mobile application and traffic shows no sign of slowing down, what does it take to build a quality mobile application?
August Continuous Self-improvement
A successful career means constantly learning and improving. How do you make that part of your professional development?
September Application Security
What should be in your arsenal to guard against malicious users?
October State of PHP
Let’s take a look at what the release of PHP7 has in store.
November Microservices, Application Architecture
How can you use microservices to make your application more robust and scalable?
December Analytics
You can’t improve what you can’t measure. How do you collect, present, and interpret metrics?



Month Topic
January How to Be a Better Developer
Improve yourself and improve your skills.
February Databases
Take a look into different ways to store your data.
March The New PHP
Each new version of PHP makes great new features available. Find out how to utilize them in your next project.
April Under the Surface
Where does PHP come from? How is the next version being built? Find out what happens behind the scenes with PHP.
May Growing PHP
PHP is more than a language, it’s an entire body of people. Find out what people are doing to expand our community.
June Your Head in the Clouds
The cloud became a buzzword and then a drinking game. Where is it now? Working hard to make sure your data is a breeze to manage and easily accessible.
July Navigating the Business
What you need to know to hire and be hired in this crazy world of PHP.
August Beyond PHP
PHP is a great tool, but a toolbox is pretty empty if there’s only one tool. Take a look at what else you can add to take things to the next level.
September Purchasing Power
Money drives the web. Find some new ways to collect it.
October We Built This City on PHP
Let’s take a look at some great products that are powered by PHP.
November PHP Legal
In this day and age, it’s important to know the legality of what you are doing. Here are a few things to be aware of.
December At Your Fingertips
The mobile world is cruel and demanding. Here are some things to help you navigate the pitfuls and challenges of this demanding platform.



Month Topic
January Testing and Coding Standards
Keep your code clean and running smoothly.
February Community Edition
Our community is one of our biggest assets, here’s a look at what’s going on.
March API Edition
These three letters are everywhere, but what do they mean to us?
April Security
A fresh look at an old nemisis.
May MicroFrameworks and You
What qualifies and what are your options?
June PHP Inside
Lots of big apps are running on PHP.
July Frontend Development
Learn to be responsive and keep your users happy.
August Dependency Management
Learn to keep your dependencies under control.
September eCommerce
From full applications to just carts to APIs, there’s something to fit every need.
October Scalability
You’re an overnight success, can you handle it?
November Migration
You can only stay in one place for so long, how do you take next step?
December Now for Something Completely Different
A look into the lesser known side of PHP.



Month Topic
January Community Outreach
Networking is important, so learn how to get started and what is happening in the community around you.
February Making an Impact
Meet the 2011 Impact Award Winners.
March IDE Showdown
See how an IDE can help you streamline your development.
April Frameworks Forever
Frameworks have come a long way. Learn about neat things you can accomplish and all of the new features in your favorite framework.
May Accessibility & Usability
How UX and QA should influence your development and design.
June Data collection, Privacy & Security
Everyone talks about security, but how do you actually implement it? What security measures should be implemented in day-to-day coding projects? Find out practical ways to improve security in everything you do.
July PHP’s Best Friends
We already know PHP is awesome, but what other tools help PHP save the day?
August That’s the Theory
Learn more about the theories surrounding PHP, like design patterns, development plans, testing strategies and more.
September Major League
We’ve all heard about the PHP giants – like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla – but what can they do for you?
October Enterprise Applications
Performance, scaling and storage to help you run with the big boys.
November Database Dilemmas
Problem solving day-to-day issues with databases.
December We are PHP
PHP is everywhere. Read case studies about PHP in non-profits and other unexpected places.


Month Topic
January Standards
February The Cloud
March PHP Conferences
April Quality Assurance
May CMS Battle Royale
June Performance
July The Front End
August Big Apps
September PHP and Windows
October PHP is Fun!
November Online shopping
December Advancements in the PHP Core


Month Topic
January Online Documents
February CMS’s
March Mobile Apps
April PHP in the Real World
May Security
June Dynamic Sites
July How PHP Works
August Enterprise Case Studies
September Databases
October Open Source Projects
November Making Applications Scalable
December Frameworks Revealed