PHP Foundations for Drupal 8, Live Course

Get up to speed with PHP 7 and Drupal 8.2

Ready to make the jump from Drupal 7? Learn how to write modern PHP and developing custom websites with Drupal 8. This two day course will cover the concepts you need to know to understand PHP objects, Namespaces, Object-oriented programming, Twig templates, YAML, and Drupal services.

Taught by Oscar Merida, an experienced PHP and Drupal developer, this course includes hand-on exercises. You’ll build and customize a module to put the new subject matter to practice. Each day includes plenty of time for questions and answers to ensure you understand each topic before moving on to the next.

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The PHP Foundations course was the gateway that allowed me to step up from basic site support to lead developer of our project. Oscar Merida and PHP Arch put together a comprehensive course that balanced new challenges with positive feedback and helpful guidance. Oscar’s experience as a developer and instructor were plainly evident, and I felt the course was a great success for myself and my colleague. As a small team, our success hinged on his expertise. If you’re an aspiring PHP or Drupal developer, then you would be hard pressed to find a better introduction to the awesome world of web development.

~ Beau Townsend
Lead Developer | Coop WebBuilder
Touchstone Energy

When & Where

Friday March 24 & Saturday March 25, 2017
9 AM to 5 PM.

Bixal Offices
3050 Chain Bridge Rd #310
Fairfax, VA 22030

Day 1

Advanced Object Oriented Programming

  • Namespaces
  • Inheritance
  • Interfaces & Abstract Classes
  • Traits
  • Inheritance Scope & Late Static Binding
  • Overloading & Magic Methods
  • Error & Exception handling

Design Patterns in PHP

  • Why Composition is Better than Inheritance
  • Design Patterns in PHP
  • Service Locator
  • Decorator

Modern PHP

  • Type hints
  • Functional PHP
  • Using Composer and YAML
  • Best Practices

Day 2

Drupal 8 Module Building

  • Twig
  • Configuration
  • Routing in D8
  • Form Handling
  • Consuming a Web Service
  • Default Controller Functionality

Drupal 8 Services & Plugins

  • When to Use
  • Global Services
  • Creating Services
  • Plugins versus Services
  • Built-in Plugins
  • Defining Your Own Plugins