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Asynchronous programming, testing, race conditions, mental health in tech, and more

Listen to Eric, John, and Oscar discuss the articles in the October 2020 issue, Running Parallel.

Topics Covered

  • OSMI 2020 Mental Health in Tech Survey.
  • Asynchronous PHP with Swoole.
  • Scaling and other use cases for serverless tasks, like file uploads.
  • This month’s puzzle on cleaning up directions.
  • Paying down technical debt with unit tests.
  • Finding and fixing race conditions.
  • Setting headers to harden your web application with Mozilla Observatory.
  • WSL, homestead, and developing on Windows using Linux tools.
  • and more (as usual)



Air date October 28, 2020
Hosted by Eric Van Johnson and John Congdon
Guest(s) Oscar Merida

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