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Episode 17 – Out on a Limb

In This Episode

This episode features Eric Van Johnson, John Congdon, Lukas Kawhe Smith, Jill Binder, and Oscar Merida.

Please support the Symfony diversity speaker mentoring initiative and mark your calendar to attend on March 24th and March 31s at 10:00 AM PST/ 19:00 PM CET. Note, the ticket you purchase through opencollective is for both days of the workshop because of the way it handles two-day events.  While you can attend for free, if you can afford it consider paying $10 for your ticket or, even better, $20 to help fund free tickets for others.

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  • Eric and John discuss php[tek] 2017 and the track chairs, scaling web applications, diversity in tech, accessibility, using tmux and vim, upgrading to PHP 7.3, finding dead code, and more.
  • Oscar talks about upgrading a Drupal 7 site to use PHP 7 and the performance improvement he measured and kicking off a Call for Writers for the magazine.
  • Talking to Jill Binder about the workshop she created to support new conference speakers and Lukas Kawhe Smith about attracting more diverse contributors to the Symfony community.


Air date February 26, 2019
Hosted by Eric van Johnson and John Congdon
Guest(s) Jill Binder, Lukas Kawhe Smith, Oscar Merida

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S3 Access Denied!

Thanks, I didn’t see your comment until now. Turns out re-uploading a file can reset S3 access if you’re not careful.

On 55:50 you said: “if variable isset and variable is not empty do something- such a pain…” – could you please expand that statement, what is a “pain” and how you want it to be?

@Petr, I didn’t find that statement around 55:50, maybe it was discussing how nice the null coallesce operator is?

Instead of doing this:

if (!isset($_GET[‘x’]) && empty($_GET[‘x’])) { $x = 10}

It allows you do do this

$x = $_GET[‘x’] ?? 10;

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