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Migrating Frameworks, Depression and Mental Health, Laravel Vapor and Michael Akopov

In Episode 27

For December 2019, we take a look at this month’s issue “Expedition PHP.” Our guest this month is Michael Akopov.


  • php[tek] Call for Speakers and tips for submitting your talks.
  • Migrating to a new framework.
  • Mental health in technology.
  • Why and how you can contribute to Open Source.
  • Understanding how encryption ciphers works.
  • A real-life example of how thinking like a computer helps to understand a bug.
  • An interview with Michael Akopov about his background and diving into using serverless applications with Laravel Vapor.
  • Further discussions about understanding and using the Dependency Injection pattern.


Air date December 20, 2019
Hosted by Eric Van Johnson and John Congdon
Guest(s) Michael Akopov, Oscar Merida

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