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php[podcast] 24.05.21

John and Eric share more of the day-to-day behind-the-scenes work that goes on at php[architect].

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Join us as we explore the PHP community’s recent php[tek] conference insights, discussions on PHP arrays, and value objects. We also cover challenges in the tech industry, a new php[tek] conference in 2025, and PHP language feature improvements through RFCs.

We highlight RFCs introducing array helper functions and changes in object instantiation syntax for cleaner code. Additionally, we discuss the importance of transparency in PHP internals voting and the value of providing explanations for informed decisions in the community.

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@phparch ‘Official PHP Architect’
@johncongdon Host John Congdon
@shocm Host Eric Van Johnson

Mastodon ‘Official PHP Architect’ Host John Congdon Host Eric Van Johnson


Air date May 21, 2024
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