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Puphpeteer, 25 Years of PHP, and Joe Ferguson

In Episode 24

Eric, John, and Oscar discuss some of the articles in the September 2019 issue “Master of Puppets”.


  • History of PHP, celebrating “25 Years of PHP”, and the Impact Awards at php[world]
  • Using Puphpeteer to automate Chromium browser tasks and testing.
  • Code style, and refactoring legacy code.
  • Code editors from VIM (and why Eric thinks everyone must learn it) to PHPStorm and Visual Studio Code.
  • Promoting speaker diversity at conferences.
  • Joe Ferguson joins to chat about generating PDFs with PHP, networking via user groups and conferences, migrating to Laravel 6, Homestead, and Open Sourcing Mental Illness (


Air date September 24, 2019
Hosted by Eric van Johnson and John Congdon
Guest(s) Joe Ferguson, Oscar Merida

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