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Serverless LAMP, Refactoring Legacy Code, and Functional Programming

Eric, John, and Oscar talk about the features and columns from the March 2021 issue, Lambda PHP

Topics Covered

  • Working the Serverless computing and PHP, and the costs potentially involved.
  • Practical applications of functional programming and misconceptions around it versus object-oriented programming (OOP).
  • John and Eric’s attempts at the puzzle for the month about generating hashtags.
  • Using Laravel Sail to manage Docker containers for development and production usage.
  • Salts, Peppers, Hashes, and Passwords
  • Preparing for when your job, industry, or world suddenly shift.
  • Chatting with @mwop about Laminas, Zend Framework, and its future.
  • APIs and the history of using them in web applications. Touching on REST, XML, JSON, and GraphQL.
  • When to use shared hosting for budget-conscious clients.


Air date April 8, 2021
Hosted by Eric Van Johnson and John Congdon
Guest(s) Oscar Merida

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