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Serverless PHP, Array Functions, and Data Structures with Chris Tankersley

In Episode 21

Eric, John, and Oscar are back post-php[tek] to discuss the June 2019 issue.


  • John and Oscar mention what they liked from speakers and sponsors at php[tek].
  • Eric’s experience with serverless application performance and thinking about when and where to use it.
  • A functional approach to taming arrays with PHP’s built-in functions for map, reduce, sort, and filter.
  • Memoization and how you might already have used it to speed up function calls.
  • Managing keys, secrets, and passwords securely.
  • Chris Tankersley joins the episode to talk about writing for php[architect], going to conferences, and dives into the Data Structures extension he covered in this issue.


Air date June 17, 2019
Hosted by Eric van Johnson and John Congdon
Guest(s) Chris Tankersley, Oscar Merida

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