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Mobile Development with PHP

by · April 11, 2011


Adobe Flash Builder 4.5 will soon be available (release is currently scheduled for early May) to the PHP development community. Version 4.5, though, is not just the latest version of Flash Builder, it is the beginning of a partnership between Zend and Adobe. Flash Builder 4.5 is under the Adobe umbrella, but will come with Zend Studio 8 bundled in and will have the full backing of Zend. You will now be able to create mobile applications using the Adobe Flash platform and PHP in one integrated application. Both Flash Builder and Zend Studio have been built on the Eclipse platform, so you will be able to build Flex and PHP side-by-side.


Sandcastles & Security

by · July 27, 2010


After playing with Flex off and on for a couple of months, I decided I would try to break it. I’m not a security guy at heart, but I’ve listened closely and improved my own stuff, so I quickly came up with four ways that I might be able to cause problems with Flex. Here are my results with each. To be clear, it is not my goal to be a nefarious troublemaker and break everything. My goal is to find out where things could break.


How I learned to stop worrying and love the wizard – Part 3

by · June 14, 2010


In part 1, we discussed how to use the new Flash Builder 4 Data Connection Wizard to connect to a PHP API. We used FB4’s prototyping feature to build a simple class that allows us to read/write users from a WordPress user list. In part 2, we discussed how to use that data connection to […]


Callbacks in ActionScript

by · June 7, 2010


What do you do when component A needs to update itself only after component B completes an asynchronous task. In Flex, it is pretty easy to solve this problem using a simple concept called Callbacks.


Learning to be Flexible

by · May 25, 2010


Last year in the thick of web2project development, we realized something obvious: The vast majority of people don’t need the full system, they just need a way to see their just their information in a useful way. Towards that goal, we started shopping around for options to simplify and an Adobe AIR app quickly became a leading candidate. Fast forward a few months and I finally had the time to try out Flash Builder 4.


How I learned to stop worrying and love the wizard – Part 2

by · May 11, 2010


In part 1 of this article, I showed you how to create a data service using the new Data Service Wizard. While the solution is not ideal for all situations, it is helpful to use when you have the PHP classes already built or use their Sample Class feature for fast prototyping. (Emphasis on the word prototype)


Flash Builder 4 training for PHP developers

by · May 10, 2010


Adobe is hosting a series of training classes for PHP developers looking to get into Flash Builder. If you want to learn more about Flash Builder 4 and Flex, click on inside and we’ll give you the details.


Meet Ryan Stewart

by · May 3, 2010


Ryan Stewart of Adobe talks with us about who he is and what he does at Adobe.


How I learned to stop worrying and start loving the wizard – Part 1

by · April 26, 2010


Adobe’s new Flash Builder 4 comes with a shiny new wizard-driven data access interface. How does it measure up to the “old-school” way of interfacing to remote APIs? Our own Cal Evans investigates.


Data-centric application development with Flash Builder 4

by · March 22, 2010


Adobe Flash Builder 4 offers up some changes over the formerly named Flex Builder 3, plus some quick and easy ways to develop data-centric applications that access PHP services, while barely writing any PHP at all.