Developing on Drupal

Drupal is a mature and flexible Content Management Framework that can be used web application ranging from the most basic web sites to enterprise class ones with multiple content types and highly customized work flows. Much of this functionality and power come from the wide range of contributed modules that plug in to expand Drupal’s capabilities.

However, to really customize it to your requirements, you’ll need to know the hooks, conventions, and tools at your disposal. Whether your integrating with another service, crafting a unique design, or want to develop in a way that is proven and maintainable, this course if for you.

Topics covered include:

  • Setting up Drupal and understanding the Admin GUI
  • Modeling content with the Entity System
  • Modifying and creating Themes
  • Writing your own modules
  • Accessing the Database with Drupal’s DB API
  • Managing Forms
  • Configuration Management using Features, Drush
  • and much much more …

Meet the Trainers for this class:

  1. Chris Tankersley
  2. Oscar Merida
  3. Sandy Smith