PHP for Programmers

Already a knowledgeable programmer in C, C++, C#, Java, Ruby, Python, JavaScript, or other languages and need to get up to speed on PHP? We’ve got you covered. PHP for Programmers is a fast-paced overview of PHP syntax, features, idioms, and tooling designed to get the programmer who already understands variables, logic, and data structures writing modern PHP. PHP programming has changed greatly, so don’t be left doing things you see in decade-old tutorials. This 7 hour live online instructor-led class will cover everything from hello world to OOP, working with databases, functional programming, basic form handling and security, and modern tools for debugging, profiling, dependency management, testing, and more.

The class will cover the following topics:

  • Basic PHP Information
    • Types and PHP
    • Built-in functions, strings, and math
    • Arrays
    • Conditional logic
    • User functions
    • Scope
    • Superglobals
    • Form handling
    • Sessions
    • Security functions
  • Modern PHP
    • OOP in PHP
    • Namespaces Configuring
    • PHP Error handling
    • Date & time programming
    • MySQL and PHP
    • Functional PHP
    • Tooling
    • Resources



Meet the Trainers for this class:

  1. Sandy Smith
  2. Chris Tankersley
  3. Jeremy Kendall