Professional Zend Framework

Professional Zend Framework is for those programmers who have mastered the essentials of Zend Framework and want to move to their career to the next level. It assumes a deep knowledge of Zend Framework and an interest in moving beyond the code and start mastering application architecture.

This is a 12-hour, on-line, instructor-led course. It is broken into 2 parts:

  • 1. The Developer

    An in-depth look at some of the more complex pieces of Zend Framework including

    • Context switching
    • Internationalization
    • Security
    • Unit Testing
    • …and more
  • 2. The Architect

    Moving past the code, this section of the course teaches you how to think like an application architect. Many good developers never make the leap to architect because they can’t see beyond the code. This section of the course helps you identify the pieces that architects need to consider when designing an application.

Together, these two sections make a course that every Zend Framework developer should take.