Essential Flex for PHP Programmers

Adobe Flex is a great platform for building applications that provide a rich user experience on both on the web and on the desktop. Through support for technologies like SOAP and XML, and thanks to a powerful framework that is at the same time easy to use and extremely capable, Flex provides web developers with a unique opportunity to improve their reach beyond HTML.

New! We’ve updated this course to the newly-released Flash Builder 4!

Essential Flex for PHP Programmers is a course designed specifically for PHP developers who want to learn to take advantage of Flex (and its cousin technology AIR) for extending their abilities into the realm of Rich Application and desktop development. By building on top of your existing PHP skills, this course allows you to quickly learn to program using ActionScript3 and Flex using a practical, example-driven learning experience.

Included in the course are also ample coverage of methods for allowing Flex and PHP to communicate with each other, as well as an introduction to building desktop applications using Adobe AIR.