About our Training Program

P1130425Over the last ten years, we have trained thousands of PHP developers on many different topics, from the basics of programming to some of the most advanced concepts in our field. Everyone involved in it has been comfortably sitting in their office or home, without having to travel or miss entire days of work, all the while enjoying significant savings without compromising the quality of their learning experience.

Rigorously Tested Curriculum

Our courses are developed (and presented) by experts in their fields in conjunction with a certified school teacher on staff who holds a Master’s degree in Curriculum Development.  We regularly check our courses for information that needs updated, and have them reviewed by other experts for missing gaps.

This doesn’t just apply to our standard courses that we offer on our Training Page, but we also regularly develop custom training courses to meet our customer’s needs.  We have a huge staff of expert trainers on call to ensure that we will be able to deliver the right training for you.

Training for the Internet age

The vast majority of our training takes place entirely online using a method called “instructor-led remote training.” In simple terms, the course is divided in a number of lessons spread out across multiple days; the instructor is present at each lesson and can communicate to the students via live voice, video, slides and desktop sharing. Students communicate back—to ask questions and make comments—via chat.  We have profiles of our various trainers available as well.

Our training method, therefore, is not dissimilar from a normal classroom—except that there is no classroom, which allows us to provide our students with some important advantages: