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New Classes! New Prices!

Posted by on February 11, 2010

php|architect is proud to continue its long tradition of high-quality web developer training with two new classes, WordPress Essentials and HTML/CSS for Developers. Both of these classes are part of our new Everyday Web Series.

WordPress Essentials

Developers and deployers alike will like this class—a 9 hour introduction to setting up and configuring the most popular blogging platform on the web. WordPress Essentials covers topic like setting up, securing and styling your WP installation and provides an excellent starter course if you’re interested in learning more about this popular blogging and content management platform.

Click here for more information or to register for WordPress Essentials.

HTML/CSS for Developers

Do you and your web designer speak different languages? This could will teach you to “speak designer.” With a focus on the technical aspects of HTML and CSS development, this class is great for both developers and designers. Bring your HTML/CSS skills up to speed and make your designer a happy person.

Click here for more information or to register for HTML/CSS for Developers.

New price on PHP 5 Essentials

PHP 5 Essentials, one of our most popular courses, just got a lot better. Now you can get the same great course for less than half of its original price: for only $400, you get 19 hours of instructor-led learning from the convenience of your home or ffice. This is a great course and we’ve made it even better!

Click here for more information or to register for PHP 5 Essentials.

Cal Evans is a veteran of the browser wars. (BW-I, the big one) He has been programming for more years than he likes to remember but for the past [redacted] years he's been working strictly with PHP, MySQL and their friends. Cal regularly speaks at PHP users groups and conferences, writes articles and wanders the net looking for trouble to cause. He blogs on an "as he feels like it" basis at Postcards from my life.
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where are the prices?

The prices are shown when you click on a class (this is because the price may vary for specials, and so on). In any case, the HTML/CSS and WordPress class are $249 per seat each. Thanks!

Hey. I thought your classes are interesting. May send some of my guys through them.

HOWEVER — you don’t say WHERE the training is? Is it online? At a location? What?

It should be listed each and every time you list the class date/price. I bet you can point it out — however I figured you would appreciate the feedback.


Hi Shane!

Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. All classes are on-line. All classes but the HTML/CSS for Developers take place during business hours. HTML/CSS for Developers is our first evening class.

Yes, I could probably find where it say that but I wrote the pages so I should know where it is. 🙂 I will update all classes to make sure it’s easy to find.

Thanks again!


Are you offering classes to obtain the PHP Certification?

Hi Langis—

We are not currently offering a certification class. Sorry!

Hello, Could you leave some samples of your live class session? For observations and future interest. Thanks!

“Rich Internet Applications with Flex and PHP” for $100 with Flash Builder… AWESOME!
Sold out… SUCKS!
What are the odds we’ll see more of this one?

Hi James!

We are working to get another couple instances of this class opened up. Stay tuned!


I am also interested in Flex and Php class with free flash builder for $100. Please let me know when you re-open this

Waiting for zend framework class… there’s not many course provider teach ZF

““Rich Internet Applications with Flex and PHP” for $100 with Flash Builder… AWESOME!
Sold out… SUCKS!”

HEY! so it was sold out a month ago yet it’s STILL advertised – I just wasted half an hour checking my schedule before trying to sign up –


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