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Mentoring and Teaching PHP

by · July 14, 2021


Hiring a new developer is a risky endeavor. What if they don’t work out? What if they get bored? What if our organization’s needs change? In this article, we’ll discuss what it takes to foster a learning environment for your tech team, why you should encourage learning, what it takes to be a good mentor, and what you’re looking for in a mentee. In […]


Treasures, Old & New – May 2018

by · May 1, 2018


Writing clean code, managing technical debt, testing with Mockery, Toxic Tech, API specifications, and more.


Testing in Practice – April 2018

by · April 2, 2018


PHP Unit, Mockery, Type Hints, Async PHP, building a REST API, training programs, PHP isolation and security, serverless computing, Laravel auth, and more.


The Dev Lead Trenches: Ongoing Education

by ·


As a development lead, one of the best things you can do for your team is encouraging and fostering an environment of ongoing learning. There is an entire world of developers out there who stagnate in their jobs because they don’t learn anything new. It does not have to be a whole new language, but […]


PHP Live! REST Summit charter tickets on sale

by · June 12, 2012


Don’t miss your chance to enjoy a full afternoon of learning (plus offline recordings for later viewing!) for just $20. Get your today! Now that php|tek is over and we’re heading into the summer, it’s our pleasure to announce the first of many new initiatives for the next few months: The php|a Live! Rest Online Summit, […]


Today only: Half off all training!

by · December 22, 2011


Don’t miss four great specials on magazines, books, and trainings as we celebrate the holidays all next week.


Live! in Austin – Introducing in-person training from php|architect

by · April 5, 2011


A knowledgeable developer is a happy developer. Introducing php|architect Live—great training that doesn’t break the bank.


Oh now, did we sneak iPods and iPads in our new training promo?

by · February 1, 2011


Yes, you read it right! Our ever popular “iPod promo” is back—except this year, we’re throwing iPads and a brand new unlimited training option, into the mix.


Flash Builder 4 training for PHP developers

by · May 10, 2010


Adobe is hosting a series of training classes for PHP developers looking to get into Flash Builder. If you want to learn more about Flash Builder 4 and Flex, click on inside and we’ll give you the details.


New Classes! New Prices!

by · February 11, 2010


php|architect is proud to continue it’s long tradition of high-quality web develoepr training with two new classes, WordPress Essentials and HTML/CSS for Developers.