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Posted by on April 28, 2010

We are happy to announce the release of the April 2010 issue of php|architect, in which we cover PHP in the real world. In this issue you will also find our new JavaScript Corner column that lays down the foundation for more advanced subjects coming in the near future.

The FREE article this month is the Drupal Corner column: “Creating Custom Displays with Views”. PHPA APR 10 – Drupal Corner

As always, if you are one of our wonderful subscribers, you can download the issue from your account page—and if you don’t subscribe, you can always buy the single issue from its dedicated page, or—even better—get yourself a healthy discount and subscribe.

Bonus: wondering what the magazine looks like now that we’re electronic-only? Take a look at this free article!

Create Your Own PHP+MySQL CMS

Ever wondered how a CMS works? This article will demonstrate how a very basic CMS can be developed and will assist you in understanding how relatively simple it can be to set up a CMS from scratch.–by Giulio Bai

Adapting Agile Methods for Teams of Two…or Even One

Interested in agile development but worried that your team is too small to make the most of it? This article will introduce you to a new development method that is based on Scrum, but is specifically tailored to even the tiniest of teams.–by Carl Anderson

Aspect-Oriented Programming In PHP

Thought Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP) was just for Java geeks? Think again. AOP is an amazing tool to reduce code and simplify complex applications, and it can drastically reduce development time and improve application stability and robustness. This article discusses AOP theory and concepts and describes my implementation of an AOP engine in pure PHP.–by Will Barden

Git-Up Your Life

If you are looking for a version control system that you can rely on, check out git. It is stable, reliable, inexpensive, and fast, and that’s just the beginning.–by Sebastian Marek
Don’t forget to download the GIT screencasts created specifically for this article by the author and see git live in action! For more details see the article in this issue on Page 38.

Sideshow PHP

Championing PHP when it is only a small part of the overall organization.–byJames Baugh

JavaScript Corner: PHP & JavaScript

In this first column, we will lay down the basics to help you understand how to communicate between JavaScript and PHP. With this foundation, we will be able to move into more advanced topics in upcoming columns.–by Christian Tiberg

Drupal Corner: Creating Custom Displays with Views

An important part of building a capable Drupal site is creating displays that list your site content. The Views module makes this process fairly easy and very efficient (administratively speaking). In this column, I’ll show you what the Views module is and how to use Adrian Webb

Download this column for free: PHPA APR 10 – Drupal Corner

Security Corner: Click Me, If You Can!

We’ve thought about vulnerabilities in our server-side code and our client-side scripts, but what about third-party apps that we use? Learn how CSS may be enabling them to hijack our Arne Blankerts

exit(0): Flowers of Winter

Get Marco’s take on the release of PHP Marco Tabini

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