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February 2014 php[architect] Magazine Released: Databases

by · February 19, 2014


Before I got into coding I had no concept of what a database was, except that it was a place to store “data.” After reading about “tables” and “relations” I could visualize it better. Later, after working with databases for a few years, I can totally grok it. For years, relational databases were king. Now, […]


Re: Branding php[architect]

by · June 14, 2013


Rebranding is a fine balancing act. Not destroying the image that has been attached to a product’s success, you must retain enough of the original message, while updating the look to a more modern version. Arbi Arzoumani did a wonderful job with php|architect’s image (logos, colors and fonts as well as magazine, conference and website […]


php|architect January Issue – Standards and Testing

by · February 1, 2013


Like it or not, most of us (developers) started learning in a vacuum. We learned and developed habits that worked for us at the moment, but not all of these were things we are now proud to show off. How many of us facepalm when we see our code from 5 years ago? Heck- even […]


Introducing the php|architect Summer Sale!

by · June 12, 2012


Books, magazines, subscriptions, and a very special offer on our upcoming REST Summit.


Today only: Half off all training!

by · December 22, 2011


Don’t miss four great specials on magazines, books, and trainings as we celebrate the holidays all next week.


Seeing Triple!

by · March 1, 2011


If you are a magazine subscriber who has logged into their account recently, you may have noticed that you are now seeing two new options for downloading the magazine. We are very happy to announce that in addition to our PDF edition, we are now offering an ePUB edition and a MOBI edition. These two […]


Enjoy a free article from our April 2010 issue!

by · April 28, 2010


We are happy to announce the release of the April 2010 issue of php|architect, in which we cover PHP in the real world. In this issue you will also find our new JavaScript Corner column that lays down the foundation for more advanced subjects coming in the near future.

Bonus: wondering what the magazine looks like now that we’re electronic-only? Take a look at a free article, “Drupal Corner: Creating Custom Displays with Views”


Enjoy a free article from our March 2010 issue!

by · March 24, 2010


This month: iPhone, mobile web and an exclusive review of Flash Builder 4—plus, a completely free article for you to download.


Announcing the August 2009 issue of php|architect

by · August 28, 2009


This month’s issue will focus on non-relational Databases—learn this interesting alternative and distinct advantage of databases such as SimpleDB and CouchDB . We have articles on Regex, the Doctrine ORM, the architecture of Adminer, and much more.