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October 2014 php[architect] Magazine Released – Built With PHP

Posted by on October 22, 2014

Depending on where you get your stats, the percentage of sites on the web that are built with or use PHP vary from 55% to 82%. That’s a pretty wide variance, but one thing you can’t deny is PHP is well represented on the web! Our October issue explores two apps that were built on PHP, ownCloud and DataSift. We also explore techniques and apps that help us like testing, deployment, and Varnish, as well as working with other languages altogether using Domain Specific Languages.

  • Luis Atencio introduces us to working with Domain Modeling With PHP in Polyglot Systems.
  • Giulio De Donato shows you how to Test Fixtures Like a Boss.
  • Dan Reif explains why Varnish caching system is so awesome and why they use it at BlackMesh.
  • Michael Heap explores DataSift, an app built with PHP that helps work with the relentless stream of social media data.
  • In this month’s Education Station, Matthew Setter introduces an open source app ownCloud that allows you to setup your own distributed file system.
  • In this month’s Laravel Column, Dirk Merkel shows us how to deploy applications with automation. Read this article for free!
  • In a brand new column, Joe Devon gets us up to date with the PHP community goings on in  October 2014’s Community Corner.
  • In the Editorial Oscar Merida discusses Building Blocks.
  • and finally{}, Eli White talks about the Types of Open Source Software Projects.

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Kevin is the sole Designer/Front End Developer in the band of developers called He has spent half of his 20 year design career drifting between Web Designer and Developer and lives in both camps comfortably. Being an evangelist of clean design and clean code, he runs a local design meetup and speaks at national tech conferences.
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