Community Corner:
Interview with PHP 8.1 Release Manager Patrick Allaert

By Eric Van Johnson

PHP 8.1 is now the current version of PHP, and there is a new team behind managing the releases of PHP 8.1. For this release of PHP, the Internals groups decide to do something different. There is still a veteran release manager for PHP 8.1, namely, Joe Watkins (@krakjoe). But instead of only having one new release manager, “rookie,” they elected two additional people to manage the release. This month we speak to one of those rookie release managers, Patrick Allaert. When Patrick isn’t coding PHP or C, you might find him dancing Forró/Salsa/Bachata or kitesurfing on the ocean. by Eric Van Johnson

This article was originally published in the January 2022 issue of php[architect] magazine. To read the complete article please subscribe or purchase the complete issue.

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