Eric Van Johnson

Eric Van Johnson is the CTO of DiegoDev Group, LLC. A group of passionate and talented frontend, backend, and mobile developers that strive to provide outstanding services. He is also one of the organizers of San Diego PHP (SDPHP), his local user group, and a podcaster. In the early ’80s while Eric’s friends were getting Atari 2600 or Intellivision gaming consoles, his Dad bought him a TRS-80 Coco with BASIC. Eric started teaching himself coding and never looked back. A husband, father, and enjoyer of scotch and baseball. He had to give up playing baseball because he kept spilling his scotch while trying to run the bases.

twitter: @shocm


Community Corner: ArizonaPHP

By Eric Van Johnson

If you’ve never been to the deserts of Arizona here in the U.S., you may think it’s a desolate and harsh land. Perhaps you envision Mad Max-style cars driving around looking for fuel and water. Maybe you think of the old Spaghetti Western, dusty small and disconnected towns, where strangers are not welcome. Nothing could be further from the truth

Published in New Habits, January 2020

Community Corner: Vancouver PHP

By Eric Van Johnson

For our next stop on our tour of user groups, we travel to the Great White North of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Vancouver is often listed as a top city to live for quality of life, and it’s one of Canada’s densest and most ethnically diverse cities. Over recent years, Vancouver has gotten the tag of Hollywood North, becoming home to many top film productions.

Published in Expedition PHP, December 2019

Community Corner: San Diego PHP

By Eric Van Johnson

You might recognize me as one of the contributors to the php; if you’re not familiar, it’s a great companion to the magazine and the community of PHP podcasts! I’ve been a subscriber to the php[architect] magazine since 2003, so I was thrilled when Oscar Merida asked me if I would be interested in contributing to Community Corner. I am going to take a little different approach to the Community Corner and focus on the various user groups, who they are, and the awesome people running them.

Published in Object Orientation, November 2019