Life After GIMM:
Jumping into the Tech Industry Post-College

By Adam Giles

Games, Interactive Media, and Mobile, otherwise known as GIMM, is a
program specific to Boise State University. On paper, it may look like
an opportunity to play video games at school, but it goes far beyond
that. The program introduces and trains students on the emerging
technologies of the world. This means that professors focus on teaching
students various topics related to game development and so much more.
The curriculum allows students to learn about full-stack web
development, 3D animation, and AR/VR development, to mention a couple.
Through GIMM, students become prepared for life after college and learn
how to jumpstart a career in technology. Do students wish to be
generalists who can be flexible in a variety of positions, or do
students aim to specialize in more focused subjects? Learn how academia
is teaching the future of the tech industry. And how this knowledge
influences individuals on ways to apply themselves post-college. by
Adam Giles

This article was originally published in the May 2023 issue of php[architect] magazine. To read the complete article please subscribe or purchase the complete issue.

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