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HTTP Burritos

May 2023

In today’s rapidly evolving digital world, traditional education in the realm of computer programming, is being challenged like never before. It was once thought that a college degree was the only way to obtain a high-paying job. But is that still true today?

HTTP Tortilla

By Tim Lytle

The PSR-7 interfaces for request and response messages are remarkably
valuable. They establish a well defined interface for working with HTTP
requests and responses. They introduce a reasonable amount of
immutability (streams be streams, after all). Together, both lead to
ease when testing and provide confidence and simplicity when integrating
with existing libraries that wrangle, manipulate, and extract
information from the HTTP life-cycle. by Tim Lytle

Life After GIMM: Jumping into the Tech Industry Post-College

By Adam Giles

Games, Interactive Media, and Mobile, otherwise known as GIMM, is a
program specific to Boise State University. On paper, it may look like
an opportunity to play video games at school, but it goes far beyond
that. The program introduces and trains students on the emerging
technologies of the world. This means that professors focus on teaching
students various topics related to game development and so much more.
The curriculum allows students to learn about full-stack web
development, 3D animation, and AR/VR development, to mention a couple.
Through GIMM, students become prepared for life after college and learn
how to jumpstart a career in technology. Do students wish to be
generalists who can be flexible in a variety of positions, or do
students aim to specialize in more focused subjects? Learn how academia
is teaching the future of the tech industry. And how this knowledge
influences individuals on ways to apply themselves post-college. by
Adam Giles

PHP Puzzles: Maze Rats, Part Two

By Oscar Merida

Last month, we solved how to represent a maze by storing the
configuration of walls for each grid square within. Now, we’ve been
tasked with generating a solvable maze at random. by Oscar

Education Station: AI Is NOT Coming For Your Job

By Chris Tankersley

As is tradition since the pandemic, the world has yet again changed.
This time it is the explosion of AI or Artificial Intelligence.
Programmers have been chasing AI since
but the advances that the OpenAI project has released to the general
public have taken the world by storm. Programmers like you and I are now
waiting for the day that AI takes our jobs. by Chris

The Workshop: The Workshop: Minicli

By Joe Ferguson

Should you use Minicli? It’s definitely worth a look. Let’s review
what is has to offer. by Joe Ferguson

DDD Alley: First, Make it Easy

By Edward Barnard

Like any software, PHP code can become rigid to the point that it’s
difficult to change. When the change is needed by tomorrow, for example,
it’s clear that a proper (multi-day) rewrite is not an option. With few
automated tests in place, and none covering the area in question, adding
tests to protect the modifications is probably not an option either.
by Edward Barnard

Security Corner: Tabletop: Planning for Disaster

By Eric Mann

Roughly twice a year, I take time to play a game with my team. To
those who play Dungeons & Dragons, this might sound familiar. I
spend time planning a particular campaign, then each team member picks a
role and plays through it. > >Except we’re not fighting monsters
or casting spells. Instead, I take the role of Dungeon Master for a
simulated cybersecurity incident. To those in the industry, this is
commonly referred to as a tabletop exercise. by Eric Mann

Artisan Way: ADR vs MVC

By Matt Lantz

In ADR or Action-Domain-Response, we maintain a three-piece pattern
that lets us split our responsibilities. The classic MVC structure or
Model-View-Controller is prevalent across all languages in the web
development industry. Let’s take a closer look at both. by Matt

PSR Pickup: PSR-20: Clock

By Frank Wallen

Let’s take a closer look at some of the features of the Clock
interface. We’ll see how wrapping date/time in an object can simplify
the process of making future changes. by Frank Wallen

finally{}: CatAIstrophe

By Beth Tucker Long

You would be hard-pressed to find a news source that is not
overflowing with dire warnings and speculations about recent
advancements in AI. I have even gotten messages from people wondering if
I know what career I will do next, seeing as AI is eliminating my job.
Is “Judgment Day” coming? by Beth Tucker Long

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