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John Mertic

John Mertic is a senior software engineer and serves as the partner and community developer liaison at SugarCRM, having several years of experience with PHP web applications. At SugarCRM, he has specialized in data integration, mobile and user interface architecture. An avid writer, he has been published in php|architect, IBM Developerworks, and in the Apple Developer Connection, and is the author of the book 'The Definitive Guide to SugarCRM: Better Business Applications'. He has also contributed to many open source projects, most notably the PHP project where is the creator and maintainer of the PHP Windows Installer.

Articles by this author

Looking for a simpler MySQL library? Try MeekroDB

by · March 24, 2011


I remember fondly back in the day, when PHP 4.0 was all the rage, that if you wanted to interface with MySQL there was one choice: the PHP mysql extension. Then came database abstraction layers ( such as ADODB and PEAR_DB ) and newer extensions ( namely PDO and mysqli ), all with the goal of simplifying the code needing written to be able to get data successfully out of a database. But even then, it still could get a bit complex. Fortunately, someone saw this and wrote a library to make it even simpler.


More powerful Validation from Respect

by · March 9, 2011


Dirty data: nobody likes it. It’s one of the biggest problems any web developer faces, where the input given by a user must validated before it can be accepted. Without this necessary step someone could wreck all sorts of havoc on your application, whether it’s just causes errors to appear or worst case opens security holes to allow malicious activity.