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Marco Tabini

Marco is the keeper of keys and Chief Garbage Collector at Blue Parabola. He can be found on Twitter as @mtabini.

Articles by this author to acquire php|architect’s brand and products effective January 1st

by · December 17, 2012


This month marks php|architect’s tenth anniversary. I wish I could tell you that this milestone is the result of a well-reasoned long term strategy that we implemented over the years, but the reality is that it’s hard for me to overstate how proud I am of what we have achieved. When we first announced that […]


Introducing the php|architect Summer Sale!

by · June 12, 2012


Books, magazines, subscriptions, and a very special offer on our upcoming REST Summit.


PHP Live! REST Summit charter tickets on sale

by ·


Don’t miss your chance to enjoy a full afternoon of learning (plus offline recordings for later viewing!) for just $20. Get your today! Now that php|tek is over and we’re heading into the summer, it’s our pleasure to announce the first of many new initiatives for the next few months: The php|a Live! Rest Online Summit, […]


Tame DVCS with our Git Summit!

by · January 5, 2012


Coming February 1st, php|architect’s half-day online conference helps you (and your team) take control of Git like a pro.


And Now, a Word on SOPA

by · January 2, 2012


By now, you’ve probably heard of the Stop Online Piracy Act (better known in internet circles as SOPA), a law that is currently making its way through the United States legislative process. As a rule, we normally shy away from political speech here at php|architect. On this particular topic, however, we feel that we should […]


php|tek’s Call for Papers is Closing Soon

by · December 30, 2011


The 31st is sneaking up on us, and just like the year, the call for papers for php|tek’s 2012 edition is rapidly coming to a close. If you haven’t submitted your proposals yet, now is a great time to do so (you know, before the new-year celebrations kick in, and you get distracted by more… […]


Today only: Half off all training!

by · December 22, 2011


Don’t miss four great specials on magazines, books, and trainings as we celebrate the holidays all next week.


Opinion: Why Software Fails

by · October 10, 2011


Even successful software often fails miserably.


Mobile Dashboards Made Easy – Part 2

by · September 8, 2011


It’s time for the second instalment on our four-part series on mobile dashboards; this time, we focus on the user interface of our application.


Mobile Dashboards Made Easy – Part 1

by · September 1, 2011


We’ve wanted to show you how we run our site for many years, but have always struggled with synthesizing a good example—until now. In this three-part article, Marco and Cal show how they built a cool, cross-platform mobile dashboard for visualizing sales.