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Marco Tabini

Marco is the keeper of keys and Chief Garbage Collector at Blue Parabola. He can be found on Twitter as @mtabini.

Articles by this author

php|architect’s books now in ePub and MOBI format!

by · May 25, 2011


Today, we’re introducing our two most recent books in ePub and MOBI. Whip out your Kindles and start learning!


Live! in Austin – Introducing in-person training from php|architect

by · April 5, 2011


A knowledgeable developer is a happy developer. Introducing php|architect Live—great training that doesn’t break the bank.


php|tek is goin’ digital

by · March 17, 2011


We’re saying goodbye to paper, and getting ready to say hello to a whole lot of digital coolness.


Seeing Triple!

by · March 1, 2011


If you are a magazine subscriber who has logged into their account recently, you may have noticed that you are now seeing two new options for downloading the magazine. We are very happy to announce that in addition to our PDF edition, we are now offering an ePUB edition and a MOBI edition. These two […]


Oh now, did we sneak iPods and iPads in our new training promo?

by · February 1, 2011


Yes, you read it right! Our ever popular “iPod promo” is back—except this year, we’re throwing iPads and a brand new unlimited training option, into the mix.


Got MSSQL? Check out our whitepaper!

by · November 15, 2010


Ever wondered how well Microsoft SQL Server works with PHP? It turns out that it works quite well—and we’ve got a brand-new whitepaper to help you navigate the ins and outs of its use.


Live from PHPNW: “Teach a man to fish” keynote

by · October 9, 2010


The wonderful PHP Northwest 2010 conference took place last weekend in Manchester, UK, and our Marco Tabini was present to keynote Lorna Jane Mitchell’s keynote “Teach a man to fish.” Here’s the transcript from the event (powered by Blue Parabola’s upcoming live-blogging system Broadr).


The CodeWorks 2010 early-bird extended to October 4th

by · October 1, 2010


By popular demand, we have extended the early-bird special for our upcoming CodeWorks tour until Monday, October 4th in order to give everybody an opportunity to sign up for one (or more!) of the tour stops for the low, low, low price of $75 (or even cheaper if you get in with groups of five […]


CodeWorks is coming to a city near you!

by · September 20, 2010


After months of preparation, we’re excited to announce this year’s edition of our popular CodeWorks conference tour! CodeWorks 2010 (CWX for short) is a series of one-day technical conferences presented by the php|architect team and sponsored by Adobe. It’s slated to stop in five cities, starting November 9th:   Seattle, WA (Nov. 9) Portland, OR […]


PHP 5.3.3 and 5.2.14 are out

by · July 26, 2010


July 22 has seen the release of two new versions of PHP – the innovator 5.3.x and the previous 5.2.x. There are interesting news for both these new releases.