Barney Hanlon

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Barney has been using PHP since 2004, and worked as a consultant across Europe for Ibuildings and Inviqa for over five years. He now works as a Senior Developer and mentor at London-based fintech WorldFirst, where he tries to stop developers making the same painful mistakes he made. A proponent of testing, he has contributed to phpspec, Behat, and PHPUnit. He is a Certified SCRUM Master and tries to write useful small libraries.

twitter: @shrikeh


Domain-Driven Architecture With Commands and Events

By Barney Hanlon

In this article, we’re going to look at using event and command buses to fulfil the use Cases of Uncle Bob’s Clean Code Architecture. By using commands and events, we will help our code have meaningful names for domain-driven design, as well as clear points to abstract our system logic.

Published in Command and Control – June 2018, June 2018