Ben Marks

Ben has been developing in PHP since the days of osCommerce in 2003. He has been developing, educating, and evangelizing Magento since 2008. He is one of the 1st Magento U instructors. He has spent many years on the development of open-source e-commerce. Ben Marks is a renowned speaker in Magento communities and different events happening in the Magento ecosystem worldwide. He is a member of the inaugural Board of Directors of the new Magento Association.

twitter: @benmarks


The State of Magento

By Ben Marks

It is quite interesting to look back over the history of a project and see how far it’s come. I am pretty sure there’s a book to be written about the journey and impact of Magento on the world of ecommerce. What started as an idea in 2006 evolved into a community-backed application that fundamentally shifted the balance of power from vendors to merchants, allowing them to build the experiences that matter for their audience.

Published in How Magento is Evolving, March 2020