Benjamin Smith

Ben Smith is a Senior developer advocate at AWS with a passion for serverless and web development. Prior to joining AWS Ben spent 15 years as a PHP developer before discovering serverless technologies. Now with his AWS blog series on “The serverless LAMP stack”, Ben has spoken extensively about PHP and serverless, from re:Invent, ServerlessDays and phpForum2020. He is especially interested in making serverless technologies more accessible for PHP developers.

twitter: @Benjamin_l_s


The New LAMP Stack is Serverless

By Benjamin Smith

Modern applications demand performance, scale, security, and high availability. Is PHP able to meet these challenges? PHP is 25 years old–ancient, compared with the likes of Node.js, Go, TypeScript and Rust-–-but it still powers almost 80% of the web today. It succeeds because it continues to evolve and improve with each iteration by absorbing best practices from other runtimes and adapting to new challenges.

Published in Lambda PHP, March 2021