Brian Reterrer

Brian Retterer is a Developer Advocate at Okta, a Silicon Valley cloud-based identity service. He is focused on serving the PHP community, and always excited to represent and educate developers, especially in the Midwest. From his home base in Ohio, you can often find him advocating for best practices in account security and RESTful API design. With his 15+ years of working with PHP, he has experienced the growing pains and exciting changes that PHP has gone through. You can follow Brian on Twitter

twitter: @bretterer


Passwordless Authentication

By Brian Reterrer

Passwords are part of our everyday life. You may not even think about them most of the time, that is until you forget one. What if you never had to use a password again? What if I told you it was more secure not to have a password? Would you believe me? Find out why companies are ditching passwords and moving towards multi-factor authentication.

Published in Unsupervised Learning, May 2020